About us


Lars Gitz Architects is a Scandinavian based international studio for architecture, planning and design.The design studio was established in 1997 by Lars Gitz after he won the first prize in the Future housing for students Competition, while he was still a student at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen.The studio is recognized for consistently challenging traditional pre-conceptions of space and form. Research is a vital ingredient for the studio and a balance between experimental and real projects is kept in order to remain at the cutting-edge of the field. Our combined design and architectural skills result in a meticulous attention to detail. The way things are put together and the materials they are made from combine to produce buildings that communicate the care taken to achieve the project. By designing each and every aspect of the building, from general organization to the nuts and bolts, and through careful oversight during construction, we produce architecture and design beyond normal standards.

The studio recognizes the contributing factors of context, site, client and program, design and detail in every aspect of the work, to achieve the highest levels of functionality and form. We take a proactive role in leading the design team. All activities and costs are monitored throughout the tightly controlled construction process enabling completion date objectives and budgets to be kept under control. The management of projects is considered as important as the creative process and it is this commitment that gives the confidence to pursue innovation both in design and procurement strategies.

Based on the Scandinavian modernism throughout the last century, our vision is a search for a new architectural language, which creates a larger harmonious dialogue between the individual human being and the architecture.

Based on the individual's existence and being, and its relation to the surrounding space, we challenge the traditional notions of space, form and materials to achieve an architectural balance that is at once challenging and gives harmony to the individ  

After the modernism in the middle of last century, architecture has undergone a continuous development. A large variety of ideologies was developed afterwards, to try to find a viable option for the future of architecture. In Scandinavia and especially in Denmark, the architecture since the mid 1990´s was characterized by a minimalist approach to architecture. Despite its qualities, there is often in the minimalistic architecture a lack of dialogue between man and architecture. In the regular rooms and the refined details that arise in the final architecture, there is often an absence of humanity, both the viewer and for those who must live or work in the created framework.

Our vision is an attempt to link humanity and architecture, where architectural qualities are not in detail but in a balance between architecture and humanity. A mixture between minimalism and humanism, a kind of "Huminalism".

The goal is to create a more 3-dimensional architecture, where functions, surfaces and volumes are split into separate elements and then re-composed in a new composition. The individual volumes and functions stands alone as independent entities, while they are part of an overall common composition, that together result in a 3-dimensional experience of the whole building.

The individual volumes are archetypal in their main structure, but then added something surprising and irrational, to let the poetry and the spiritual wander into the architecture. Our desire is to create coherent architectural volumes, which places itself in the interplay between light and dark. Together they form an architectural sculpture, whose extension is created by the contrast between letting light come in and keep light out.