-  September 25. 2013  


The famous Danish singer Medina has recorded her latest video "Boring" in Villa From.

Medina wanted to record her English video in a villa with an internationeal design with

references to Scandinavia.

See the video here: 


-  August 19. 2013  


The pension fund PFA Properties and Thylander Group has bought 13 Copenhagen

properties in one of the year's largest real estate transactions in Denmark.
Consultants has been the engineering company Gronrmijj and Lars Gitz Architects.


We are looking forward to develop the properties with the rest of the team.


-  October 26. 2012  

Lars Gitz is speaking on Forbes Magazines 2012 conference in Shanghai, China.

The topic is: Economics of Cultural Creativity.


-  October 22. 2012  

The Book "1000 x European architecture" from Braun Publishing is released.

Lars Gitz Architects has 3 projects published in the book.


-  October 18. 2012  

The Danish House in China.

Lars Gitz Architects is commissioned to design "the Danish House in China".

The project is located downtown Shanghai in Xuhui District in the center of

Danish Governmental Organiations and Danish companies will work together
in a creative and inspiring community.

Building size: 18.200 m2.

The grand opening date is September 1. 2013.


-  October 15. 2012  

Lars Gitz Architects is commissioned to design 3 luxury villas by the sea on
Strandvejen in Snekkersten, Denmark.

The construction work will begin in Marts 2013.


-  October 14. 2012  

Panterens Bastion

Lars Gitz Architects is commisioned to design 20 luxury apartments on the
preserved area
on Panterens Bastion in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.